ICSOC 2012
10th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing
November 12-15, Shanghai, China

2nd International Workshop on Performance Assessment and Auditing in Service Computing 2012 (PAASC 2012)

Workshop Website


Workshop Summary:

The main goal of this Workshop is to bring together researchers, practitioners and industry representatives, providing them the opportunity to present recent research and development results, discuss lessons learned, and present novel ideas on topics in the area of (economic) performance assessment, business modeling and auditing in service computing.

Topics of interested include, but are not limited to:

  • Service computing supporting (economic) performance assessment in different domains (e.g., long term digital preservation domain) and different industry sectors (e.g., healthcare, financial sector).
  • Economics of service computing/ SOA (e.g., cost models, cost-benefit analysis, return on investment).
  • Business modeling in SOA (e.g., operational processes and policies, formal modeling for core aspects on business in SOA).
  • Quality of service.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of services/ SOA.
  • Audit of services in the cloud.
  • Strategies and strategic decisions for services (e.g., concerning optimal resource utilization; service selection criteria).
  • Methods, frameworks and methodologies synthesized for services.
  • performance assessment (e.g., performance indicators, benchmarking methods, frameworks).
  • Life-cycle management aspects on service computing.
  • Self-management aspects for services (e.g., instant management of assigned resources).
  • Theories and approaches synthesized for services' representation and formal modeling, and their economics (e.g., transaction cost economics).
  • Performance predictability.