ICSOC 2012
10th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing
November 12-15, Shanghai, China

The 1st International Workshop on Mining Techniques for/in Service-Oriented Computing (MTSOC2012)

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Workshop Summary:

The propagation of service-oriented computing increases the demand to develop and apply new techniques and approaches to support it. For example, process mining techniques are able to extract knowledge from event logs for discovery, conformance and enhancement of business processes. The challenge is to combine these techniques for fostering the web services paradigm. With this regard, mining techniques can be applied to extract information from service logs. This can provide information about service processes and executions to support service discovery, conformance checking (i.e. deviations from service level agreements) and enhancement (i.e. quality improvement).

The first MTSOC 2012 international workshop aims to present recent research findings on mining techniques and the application of them in service-oriented computing. We welcome papers from both academia and industry to present and discuss related research and experiences. Special interests are on papers addressing service quality improvement using mining approaches.