ICSOC 2012
10th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing
November 12-15, Shanghai, China

2012 International Workshop on Data Intensive Services based Application (DISA 2012)

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Workshop Summary:

Over the recent years, data generated by humanities, scientific activities, as well as commercial applications from a diverse range of fields have been increasing exponentially. Data volumes of applications in the fields of sciences and engineering, finance, media, online information resources, etc. are expected to double every two years over the next decade and further. There is no doubt in the industry and research community that the importance of data intensive computing has been raising and will continue to be the foremost fields of research. As a result, the data intensive services based applications have become the most kind of application in SOA. Also, it has become a hot issue in the academia and industry. Potentially, this could have a significant impact on the on-going researches for services and data intensive computing.

Generally, we define the notion of a data-intensive services based application as a collection of related structured activities or tasks(services) that produce a specific result; huge data sets have to be exchanged between several loosely coupled services in such a data-intensive application. In this case, many new challenges are proposed, for example, the exchange of massive data. Although the preferred XML-based SOAP protocol can meet the communication between Web services, it is not efficient enough in those scenario settings. DISA2012 focuses on the challenges imposed by data-intensive services based applications, and on the different state-of-the-art solutions proposed to overcome these challenges. The aim of DISA2012 is to encourage academic researchers and industry practitioners to present and discuss all methods and technologies related to research and experiences in a broad spectrum of data-intensive services based applications.